June 10, 2010

losers' paradise

Welcome to losers’ paradise
Where everybody is alike
Long faces, pumpkin expression
Anger frustration
Dejection and pity
Under confidence, no confidence
Tears, fears
Blue purple black
Blank shameful dark
No one thinking anything except
That moment of fiasco
The tape stuck on that scene
No one knows who is sitting next
The one who does sees the worst
One from nowhere stood up
‘what have we lost that we are in so much pain?’
(Unanimous unspoken voices- what not?)
Cuz no pain no gain
So welcome to losers’ paradise
Where losing is a game
We all are shameless winners


rishav said...

hey..this si sumthing new...i mean a nu genre...a li'l comic...infact comic-trajic...loved it yaar..seriously

sindu said...

oh... thnx man.. hm....nu genre... kul! ;)

manasa said...

sinn !!! <3 't... dis reminds me of smthn which i had written long ago!!