April 25, 2010

Lend me a drop of tear

Lend me a drop of tear
I need to cry
Break this silence
It’s a pain
That only I can feel
Now I want to break down
It’s too heavy to keep within
I’ll give up my pride
I can’t stride
With blind thoughts
And blinding vision
It’s difficult to cry
What if I do?
Afraid to fall
For I’ll never get up
Too willing to implode and get buried
Under my debris of sorrow
Is there a drop of tear I can borrow?
Now they are drying
Spirit of meaning
Is there a drop of tear I can borrow?
To burry my sorrow
Let their ghost explain the pain
Or will the tears go in vain?


paramveer said...

i like the way u stride the words of poem! nice attempt!

PULKIT said...

felt as if reading a strong teenage rock song!

Prakhar said...

This poem sounds like sequel to ur past writings... combine all ur poems n it will a complete hit track. The theme is good n the way it is interpreted... marvellous

COLDRISH said...

this poem is lyrically beautiful..!!

fused bulb said...

egg-sep-shun-all work sindoooo!
therz an egg-stra-ordinry bee-auty dat exudes frm ur writings.
too gud.keep it up up up up.a bit higher.ya dats it.
god bles u sindu.keep writin