January 31, 2009

tenacious illusion

I love you
That’s all I wanted to say
But now I have more than words to give you
I have been waiting for you so long
That you will come someday
Where have you been
Didn’t you ever see me
Oh! you never knew me
But I had all these time
Been thinking of you
Fancied you
Dreamt of you n me
Happy together forever
How nice it used to feel you know
Even now
The memories tingle
Sweet n kindling
But u never knew it
Nor do u know how deep you have reached…within me
I always thought of your lill smile.. then I was under a spell…
Lost n rapt
Doped in your memories
I never could come out of it
Nor did I ever want to….
I knew you were never mine…
I still do..
But still I couldn’t stop myself
Some foolish hope in me never dies
It says magics happen
Though it shall never
But I get convinced
I wanted to
So I didn’t resist

Its overtaken me
I have lost myself deep in
Its insane
I can never understand
Its an illusion
That’s fooling me

But I don’t mind being one for you
I have walked the lonely road with you
A thousand times
U never spoke
Cuz u were never there
I was a paranoid
I jabbered and blabbed all the way…
To empty air
.. but I can’t blame you
Come on! You don’t even know me
I have felt you next to me on my bed
I have curled in your arms so many times
You have whispered in my ears so many times’ I love you’

But u never heard me
When I touched you
You never felt me
M I mad
I must be
I asked you
You never said anything

You just left me
Leaving me alone in..
My world

(didn’t even say good bye)