February 28, 2009

falling apart

m falling apart,
my brain being butchered
my heart being stamped,
soul being looked down at
what’s left in me?
sorrows and tears
who wants it anyways
yet people think m rich they come to borrow some
how do i look?

m empty
bereaved of my sanity
orphaned at soul
m standing still
cuz i don’t know where to go
i dare not keep a step forward
what lies there, m scared
people crowding around push me
to a somewhere i don’t want to be
even if they are humane,
i don’t believe it
cuz they showed their stone hard heart
a while back
come on!
now u come to condole
for a death u caused

February 18, 2009

drowning in your lies

m drowning in your sea of lies
that u said was a lake of love
u fed me with the potion of your bitter lies
n i grew listening to your lullaby of lies
that put me to deep sleep
wake i never could
from that sleep until
the lies crushed me
u saw yourself in the mirror - so full of lies
but when the mirror didn’t lie
u said it did
u spoke the lies so truthfully
i didn’t believe in the truth
i thought u were the truth
u coated those lies with syrup of deceptive sweetness
that made me comatose
m drowning i your sea of lies
that u said was the pond of trust
trust i did, but on you
the mirror cracked
ashamed to see you in it
but u said u broke it
for it lied to you
i built my mountain of trust on you
kept you at its tip
i didn’t understand the truth- the lies
couldn’t even ask ' why me??'
but hate myself for being the fooled
i kept you at the mountains tip
but u pushed me down to the sea
m drowning in your sea of lies
and drinking your spirited lies
it nourished my bond with you
but you let me drown in your sea of lies
that does not even have a drop of truth

February 12, 2009

poisonous elixir

i drink d elixir
which is poison
its sweet,
its quenching
the thirst of my fears
its a fuel for my heart to pump..
pump the blood full of sin
to liven the artery..
in which my fate runs
it flows astringent on the wounds
that burns like acid
it moistens the corpse to spread decay
it sprinkles life
life to dormant worms of gloom
it blooms flowers
flowers of hemp
and ripe them into wine of hemlock
i drink the saccharine elixir
which is a cure for my sickness
i drink the omened elixir
which kills my disease with me
i drank the thirsty elixir
that quenched its thirst for my death