May 22, 2009

everybody-hate me

i see an ugly face in the mirror

that hates to see me

i hate you, i hate me

do hate me

slap the cheek

oh, i hate it, it’s a sin

spit on the face ,

help, is there no grace

i hate to be me

i wish no one could see me

no one should be me

baptize me

oh no, i am a pagan

i have no Christ

i have no church

now m in a search

for a mask

for no one should see

this ugly skin

am such a filthy din

no face, only grimace

cant face my face

cant face my fate

how long will i wait

to meet my fate

burn my face

with an acid and glare

spread the ashes on holy grave

and let them see my ugly gaze

change my name

i can’t be me

i can’t show no mercy

if its only on me

take me

come here, look through me
do u see a heart?
do u see a soul?
or a decaying body?
m alive, can you hear me?
m divine, do u know me?
talk to me, you'll know all
m your gift, take me
if u don't like me, throw me
don't throw me
feed me, I've starved enough
touch me, I've been numb all this while
lets walk.. m no more lame
m your gift, take me
give me a name, I've never had one..
hurt me, cuz I've never cried
smile at me, I'll smile back, I've never smiled
come here, i am alive
can you hear me??