June 10, 2010

turning point

This is my turning point on my journey
Where I have to turn, bend
They say that it is the way
For that is the way everyone takes
It is the road that has been beaten up by every foot
No stone left unturned
Yet no one dares to walk the other way
This is the turning point
Which would turn my life
From mine to theirs
Transfer its identity to match the mob
It is no more an entity
Lose its gravity to walk on the ground
The way everybody does
This is my turning point
Which will bend me until
I break


My Reverie said...
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My Reverie said...

reminds me of the road not taken by Frost. amazing lines.
good work, poetess!

Rishav said...

this is sumthing original sindu...loved it!...it's becoming a cliche' to say it again and again thou...<3 :)